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The Steps to Effective Implementation

The Steps to Effective Implemenation
  1. Management Overview

  2. Form Steering Committee,
    Assign Project Personnel,
    Determine Scope of Registration

  3. Implementation and Employee
    Awareness Training

  4. Gap Analysis & Action Plan

  5. Set Schedule

  6. Submit Agency Questionnaire

  7. Registrar Quotation

  8. Documentation and Job Skills Training

  1. Draft Quality Policy,
    Document Quality System,
    Implement Corrections,
    Conduct Implementation Reviews and Submit Registrar Application

  2. Auditor Training

  3. Schedule and Conduct Internal Audits

  4. Adequacy Audit

  5. Pre-Registration Audit

  6. Assessment

  7. Implement Corrective Actions and Submit Report to Registrar

  8. Registrar Review and Approves Corrective Action

  9. Registrar Issues Certificate

  10. Surveillance

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